One cannot not communicate

It is necessary to have an opinion and to articulate it – even if it requires a new language that is only articulated through the body. A UNIVERSAL OPINION shows what happens when we free ourselves from movement patterns that are culturally imposed on the body – and how infinitely vulnerable it becomes as a result. 

Opinionated, the body on stage resists movements read as masculine or feminine; fashionable clothing or late-capitalist postural damage caused by office chairs and driving. Once relieved of this, it articulates itself anew and develops a new, all-encompassing language – with which A UNIVERSAL OPINION can be articulated.  

A UNIVERSAL OPINION is the fourth part of the UNIVERSAL series of plays. All the works in this series deal with the effects of social systems of power on human bodies. 

Friday, 5. November 2021, 20:00 (Tanzfaktur, Cologne)

Saturday, 6. November 2021, 20:00 (Tanzfaktur, Cologne)
Sunday, 7. November 2021, 18:00 (Tanzfaktur, Cologne)
Saturday, 10. September 2022, 19:00 (Ringlokschuppen Ruhr – Hundertpro Festival)

Artistic Direction & Choreography: Carla Jordão 
Dance: Céline Bellut, Jordan Gigout, Kenji Shinohe
Dramaturgy: Dr. Daniel Rademacher
Music & Sound-Design: Timm Roller
Light-Design: Dawid Liftinger
PR: Anthea Petermann
Project Management: Sina Langner
Financial Management: mueva Performance – Lena Peters
Documentation: Julia Franken
Technical support: Roman Sroka
Design: Büro Freiheit – Daniel Angermann



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